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These files have been tested successfully on the 2007 and 2010 versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. In case of compatibility issues with other versions, please install a copy of PowerPoint 2007... or 2010!

Scorable PowerPoints are now being introduced that compute right + wrong answers so as to provide feedback of your child/ student's progress. As of now, 4 of the PPTs have Scorable versions... more to follow soon, hopefully! Please keep in mind that you need to enable macros in order for the scoring code to work in the Scorable PowerPoints! (Use the "contact me" tab on the right if you get stuck :D)

Also, most previews show just a few practice slides from the original PowerPoint files, not all! You may purchase the actual PowerPoints for only 'peanuts' and enjoy offline access as well as more words to practice! So. Take your pick :)

Furthermore, what I'd like to mention next has already been covered elsewhere, so you might want to see point # 5 here.

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Please choose between the Simple (no scoring) and Scorable (scoring enabled) versions of the following PowerPoint files available to download:

Urdu Dot to Dot

Urdu Aadhi Ashkaal

Urdu Intact Letters

Urdu Colour Names

Urdu Sounds j ch h kh

Urdu Jore Tore


preview yet.

Urdu Alif Zabar

Urdu Phonics

Urdu Common Words

Urdu Everyday Words

Urdu Numbers

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