In my experience of remedial and play therapy, I've heard many parents express with wonderment how their children were able to remember facts more from a cartoon show rather than a text book. With fast paced sights and sounds constantly stimulating children of today, it's no surprise that entertaining TV programmes or exciting video games easily grab their attention away from drab lessons. Children with dyslectic difficulties are even more likely to forsake pen and paper for the sake of a remote control or joystick as it is easier to handle than the written word!

Why not Urdu
While there are oodles of educational software available in English, only a handful will be found for Urdu. I feel it’s a good idea to harness the “power of the internet” in creating monotony-breaking remedial reading games in Urdu, and I hope to be able to add to the repertoire as well :)


ثوبیہ علی

کراچی، پاکستان

You can also download PowerPoint 2007 interactive exercises & activities! 


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تصویر میں دکھائ ہوئ مختلف چیزوں کو کلک کریں اور پھر الفاظ کی مشق کریں

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